In memory of the deceased members of our families
Requested by Luke and Barbara Amato

In memory of Jim Angelo
Requested by Darlene Angelo

In memory of the deceased members of the Betts and Rochette families
Requested by Jim and Judy Betts

In memory of Adeline Griner and Earl R. Cook
Requested by Faye Bradford

In memory of Sheila Myers
Requested by Timothy Broad

In memory of Martin and Edith Orta, and Frank and Adele Brown
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brown

In memory of Ovila Clairmont Family and Mervyn Bullock’s Family
Requested by Annette Bullock

In memory of Joseph and Joseph John Calviello, and Ciaramella Family
Requested by Millie Calviello

In honor of Prince of Peace Parish Staff and Clergy
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Paul Carren

In memory of our parents and siblings
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Carter

In memory of the Szalkowski family
Requested by Shirley Chaban

In memory of my family
Requested by Maria Chiorando

In memory of Bob Cleary and Katie Cleary
Requested by Nancy Cleary

In memory of Edward Peres, George Peres, Ida Rivera, Ermelinda Colon, and Perfecto Colon.
In honor of Edward Peres, Jr.

Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Pedro Colon

In memory of Charles J. Columbia
Requested by Audrey Columbia

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. James J. Crehan, Mr. and Mrs. John F. Zieris.
In honor of James and Elizabeth Crehan

Requested by Mr. and Mrs. James Crehan

In honor of John Reihl, Parichat Intapanya, Jaycee Campoamor, Mary Cullen, and Rose Marie Zoet
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cullen

In memory Patricia Haight and Aileen Palmer
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Ermen Cuzzi

In honor of the Molloy and Daly families
Requested by Barbara Daly

In memory of Nick and Albina Moscato, Frank and Grace Dantona,
Janet Ciscero, Frank Dantona Jr., and Angelina Pariss

Requested by Clara Dantona

In memory of Seymour, Lessie Dauber and George and Caroline Sealy and Jane Sealy
Requested by Carol Dauber

In memory of the Dauber and Sealy Families
Requested by Carol Dauber

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dema, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Drummond
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dema

In memory of Helen Tunno
Requested by Leonard and Jane Deutschmann

In memory of Leo Devine
Requested by Mary Devine

In memory of Anthony and Edith Monaco and Casemiro and Filomena Diberardino
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso Diberardino

In honor of Fitzsimmons and Diel Family
Requested by Elsie Diel

In memory of Paul Anthony Diel
Requested by Elsi Diel

In memory of Louis Bridda and Brian Denson
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dirose

In memory of Hilary and Margaret Jeko
Requested by Robert Duffy

In memory of Jim and Marie Duffy, Fr. Joe Liseman, Fr. Bob Gately,
Bucky Buchner, and Clayton and Ione Adair

Requested by Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Duffy

In memory of Frank and Celia Bottini
Requested by Mary Anne Eberle

In memory Nezworski and Elias Parents
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Richard Elias

In memory of Richard L. Ellis, Janina Haftkowych, and Evhen Haftkowych
Requested by Helen Ellis

In memory of Elizabeth Fable and Mario Fable
Requested by Judith Fable

In honor of Nancy Faulent and in memory of John and Mary Perry and Lou Faulent
Requested by Janine Faulent

In memory of John T. Fitzpatrick, III
Requested by Mary Ann Fitzpatrick

In memory of Pat Fleming
Requested by Philip Fleming

In memory of Charles Flemm
Requested by Joan Flemm

In memory of Dick Flynn and Ray and Helen Slater
Requested by Harriet Flynn

In memory of the Conway, Foley and Christal families
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. James Foley

In memory of the deceased family members
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Victor Foos

In memory of Frederick and Selepchak Families
Requested by Don and Marlene Frederick

In memory of Helen George
Requested by Helenanne and Anne Frobrose and Long

In memory of Christopher Gehrer
Requested by Mary Ellen Gehrer

In memory of Peter Gentile
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Gentile

In memory of The Polakoski, Walsh, Gleason, and Donovan Families
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Gleason

In memory of the Reilly and Goss family
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. James Goss

In memory of John Grabowski
Requested by Mary Grabowski

In memory of Clavelina Grajo, Roque Z. Grajo, Rafael A. Grajo, and Gregorio A. Grajo
Requested by Annette Grajo

In memory of Joan Branagan Hartnett
Requested by Kathleen Gray

In memory of Nancy Gregorczyk, Eleanor Ehling, Michael Horan,
Frank and Virginia Gregorczyk, Leon and Antoinette Durette

Requested by Florian Gregorczyk

In memory of Connie Naccarato
Requested by Patricia Hannon

In memory of Gabriel and Mary Velez, and Terry Hartig
Requested by Margaret Hartig-Specht

In memory of Anthony Hebel
Requested by Lynn Hebel

In memory of Jack Hefti
Requested by June C. Hefti

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. John Hilbert, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Evoskevicz
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. R. Hilbert

In memory of Douglas Hiltz Sr.
Requested by Eileen Hiltz

In memory of Thomas J. Hourican, Mark and Elsie Hourican, Wictor,
Joe and Sal Cannizzaro, Nicolo and Fannie Cannizzaro

Requested by Rose Hourican

In memory of Angeline Robino, Mary Jane Ward, Mary E. Wolfe, Sister Carmela SC,
and the Hodgson and Hughes families

Requested by Shirley Hughes

In memory of Thomas Keen, Matthew Gross, Mr. and Mrs. W. Krier, Roque Family,
Richard and Dolores Robert, and Anna Fernandez

Requested by Lynn Keen

In memory of Willis A. and Ellen M. King
Requested by Diane King

For the deceased family of Virgil and Vonda Kloke
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Kloke

In memory of the Kolbuk and Dorak Family and Stephanie Osilka
Requested by Stephanie Kolbuk

In memory of Albert Kovanis, George and Ottilia Snyder and Felix and Johanna Kovanis
Requested by Joel Kovanis

In memory of Michael and Mary Krieger
Requested by Jim and Carol Krieger

In memory of Henry, Josephine Kyne and Bill and Ann Knauf
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kyne

In memory of David, Walter, Jerry McGee and William Ladue, and James Sheldon
Requested by Annette Ladue

In memory of Steve Turecky, Casmira Zydlo, Mr. and Mrs. Bruno Lakome,
and Linda Marie Carlson.In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Winkowski

Requested by Terrence Lakome

In memory of the Larsen and Monach families
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Edward Larsen

In memory of Al LeBrun, William Ladzinski and Stella Ladzinski
Requested by Joyce Lebrun

In memory of Howard Lewit and Leland and Angela Muir
Requested by Angela Lewit

In memory of George and Lena Corsaro, Howard and Belle Lillie
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lillie

In memory of Mom, Pearl and Virginia
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lovisek

In memory of Michael Magalski
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Michael Magalski

In honor of the living members of Don and J’Ette Marlborough’s family
Requested by Don and J’Ette Marlborough

In memory of Walter and Eleanor Mary, Louis and Mary Tkacik
Requested by Mr. Mrs. Walter Mary

In memory of the deceased member of the Matthews and Patterson families
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Matthews

In memory of Michael and Annamarie Mazzio and In honor of Mercedes Hernandez
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mazzio

In memory of Kathleen, Michael, the McCloskey and O’Brien Families
Requested by William McCloskey

In memory of Roy J. McIntosh, Madeline Crawford and Francis Reddy
Requested by Patricia McIntosh

In memory of Aloysios Malloy and Charles McKenna
Requested by Mary McKenna

In memory of Bernard and Catherine Meisel, Raymond and Ethel Butler
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Meisel

In memory of the Messineo and Gregotowich family members
Requested by Margaret Messineo

In memory of Denis Multon Sr.
Requested by Barbara Multon

In memory of Jean Murphy
Requested by Donald Murphy

In memory of Ursula Birkmier
Requested by Lynne Murphy

In memory of Henry and Amelia Musgnug, John and Grace Malley
Requested by Roy and Gloria Musgnug

In memory of Chieu V. Nguyen and Bichcau Tran
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Chieu Nguyen

In memory of Peggy Ward Connelly, Jeremiah and Mary Healy
Requested by Joan Nixon

In memory of Patrick O’Brien, Nora O’Brien, Richard Cunningham,
Richard Cunningham, and John Kress

Requested by Patrick O’Brien

In memory of Victor Olyarnyk
Requested by Pauline Olyarnyk

In memory of the deceased members of the Ouellette and Nadeau families
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ouellette

In honor of Mrs. Sonya Pantano
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Samuel P. Pantano

In memory of the dearly departed
Requested by Catherine Paris

In memory of the Walsh and Pasley families
Requested by Joan Pasley

In memory of the Pavlak and Yesso Families
Requested by Loretta Pavlak

In honor of Michael D. Pinon
Requested by Ramon and Catalina Pinon

In memory of Bernice Mary Prach
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Family Prach

In memory of Gene Prebis and James Sidor, and Family/Friends
Requested by J and M Prebis and Sidor

In memory of all deceased family members
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Kennard Pyse

In memory of Nancy Raymond, Elmer and Nellie Raymond, Ed and Dorothy Kaufman
Requested by Mr. L. A. Raymond

For the deceased family and friends of Patricia Reilly
Requested by Patricia Reilly

In memory of Ralph Reiss
Requested by Catherine Reiss

In memory of the Renzi and Robak Parents
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Renzi

In memory of Connie DiVirgilio, Anna Roccia, Marie Nepi, Frank Del Viscio,
William DiVirgilio, and David Roccia

Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Carl Roccia

In memory of Maurice Rocheleau
Requested by Yvonne Rocheleau

For the deceased family members of Lorraine Rochford
Requested by Lorraine Rochford

In memory of Rt. Rev. Msgr. Louis Doychak and Members of the Rodriguez-Malarin families.
In honor of the clergy of Prince of Peace

Requested by Dr. and Mrs. Jose Rodriguez-Malarin

In memory of the Rodzielowicz
Requested by Gloria Rodzielowicz

In memory Rosa and Mach Families
Requested by Kittie Rosa

In memory of Dominick Scali, Pauline Marjorana, and Joseph Matorana
Requested by Phyllis Scali

In memory of the Schofield and Korman Families
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. William Schofield

In memory of Tina P. Seitz
Requested by Norman Seitz

In memory of the Smith and Harney Families
Requested by Patricia Smith

In memory of The Redmond and Solimeno Families
Requested by Frank and Joan Solimeno

In memory of Soulia and McGee families
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Harley Soulia

In memory of Michael Hickey, Lorrie Banach, Robert Stavenger, the Nolan and Banach Families
Requested by Requested by Mary Sperry

In memory of my mother Annie Miederlander Griggs
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Carl Swann

For the deceased family and friends of Bob and Elaine Tatem
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tatem

In memory of Frank P. Thomas, Clare Grace, Judy Cushing, and Fred Demarest
Requested by MaryEllen Thomas

In memory of the Torre, Cook and Elsbree families
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Torre

In memory of Yvonne Mae Blanco
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Benedict Valentine

In memory of Dick Vanert, Hattie Krist, Carl Jrist, Harriet Diel, and Howard Diel
Requested by Gloria Vanert

In memory of Frances Vansavage
Requested by Reginald Vansavage

In memory of Robert Smith, Edward J. Smith, Anna Pittelli, Mary Pittelli, and Joseph Pittelli
Requested by Christine Vasco

In memory of Luein Villemaire
Requested by Paulette Villemaire

In memory of Ava A. Vormwald
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Vormwald

In memory of Peter H. Walker, Stephen B. Walker, Dr. and Mrs. John H. Barrow, Mrs. and Mrs. Glen H. Walker
Requested by Barbara Walker

In memory of the Castonguay and LaRose Families
Requested by Rita Weinstein

In memory of Mr. Stephen Werkowitz, Mrs. Edna Werkowitz and Mrs. Alma Werkowitz
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Jack C. Werkowitz

In memory of the Holzman and Wheeler families
Requested by Barbara Wheeler

In memory of Jean Williams
Requested by John Williams

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. John Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Clissold.
In honor of Kevin C. Riordan, Thomas Flynn, and Charles A. Williams

Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Williams

In memory of the Mahoney and Williamson Families
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Williamson

In memory of Janet Wisdom
Requested by Robert Wisdom

In memory of Wooton and Skepnek Families
Requested by Marge Wooton

In memory of Ed and Ann Wudarsky, Dick and Helen Gotwalt,
Jerry and Dottie Miller, Fred Scarcelli, and Jim Pimpinella

Requested by Mr. Edward Wudarsky, Jr.

In memory of Robert V. Burns
Requested by Joan Burns

In memory of Mary Rita Hunter Fogel
Requested by Frank J. Fogel

In memory of In memory of Richard Lange, Thelma Weber, Lewis Weber, and Harry Francis. In honor of Alma Lange
Requested by Alma Lange

In memory of Teofil and Kathryn Jantec and Walter  and Mary Nixon
Requested by Mr. and Mrs. Walter Nixon

The peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Phillippians 4:7

Catherine Amass
Darlene Bartel
Therese Beaudry
Mary Boisseree
Peggy Burke
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Burrous
Evelyn Cagney
Maurice Cosman
Lewis Cowden
Barbara Crane
Marian Crowe
Marianne Crowe
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Czachor
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Daneau
Mr. and Mrs. John Dudzik
Gilbert Evens
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Fitzgerald
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Fitzgerald
Margaret Flood
Farank Fogel
Susan Frey
Samuel Fuller
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Gerbino
Mr. and Mrs. Jovis Gerry
Mr. and Mrs. John Glodowski
Constance Grant
Mr. and Mrs. William Greene
Cathy Greer
Walter Hackimer
Carol Hall
Janis Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hetzel
Phyllis Ingenito
Mary Jewell
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Laramee
Mr. and Mrs. Sal Legname
John Libroth
Mrs. Richard Longbottom
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Lykes
Thomas Mallak
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Marbes
Albert Mariani
Mary Maryniak
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald andJudith Matelski
Mr. and Mrs. Michael McCluskey
Mr. and Mrs. Charles McLyman
Dr. and Mrs. Robert McParland
Shirley Meissner
Sarah Mongan
Joan Morton
Susan Nurmela
Esther Opinion
Richard Ormsby
Mr. and Mrs. B. Vincent Pater
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Peterman
Kathleen Pfeiffer
Mr. and Mrs. Hoa Pham
Mr. and Mrs. J. Joseph Reilly
Wilmer Richards
Nancy Rizzo
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Sampson
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Sorrentino
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Stack
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Starace
Linda Suh
Charles Tobin
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Villafane
Gloria Wentling
Violet Wesley
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Zielke
Enriqueta Kersten

Thank you to all who contributed for our Easter Flowers this year!